Rice Flour Muffins

Rice Flour Muffins I made two batches of these muffins, one savory as a dinner biscuit type muffin and one sweet for dessert. Both turned out very well especially taking into account the healthy, basic, clean ingredients. Please remember for most GP people a huge percent of their tolerance is based on quantity. One muffin […]

Gluten Free Granola

Gluten Free Granola I find making my own granola easy and kids friendly. It also allows me to keep my grocery bills and unwanted sugar intake to a minimum. This is my basic recipe and i add extras as per kids requests or seasons. In a large bowl: 3 Cups Gluten Free Oats **11/2 Cups […]

I'll coach you!!

Coconut Whip Cream I am slightly obsessed with Coconut Milk. I can enjoy it in small amounts in my tea or in my smoothies. Having GP i can’t consume the same amount as my family can. I love making it as an alternative to dairy whip cream for my family and friends.. It is delicous […]