Summer, pregnancy and other ramblings

Our summer has been flying by! It seems to be an unfortunate reoccurring issue for me. I wait all year to have Maddy home and boom it’s back to school time in a flash! Our middle daughter Elizabeth will be taking the big leap from stay at home child to kindergarten in two short weeks and Maddy will be starting middle school.  With all the big changes I am trying to hold on to the last few weeks for dear life. We have been busy getting ready for the fall and winter around here, with clean up projects, garden, wood stacking and baking. Lots of baking.  I have been trying to utilize all of our gardens produce. Zucchini breads baked and frozen, tomatoes canned, zucchini and squash shredded and frozen, berries washed and frozen or made into jams. The kids have been busy helping and eating.

We also had some exciting news. A new baby will be joining us the beginning of March! We are all ecstatic.  I have been suffering on and off with sever nausea and vomiting but seem to be improving daily.

I will be working on a Gastroparesis and pregnancy post soon. As well as updating my recipes.