Maple Syrup Candy

We are on our seventh year of making Maple Syrup from our few maple trees-this year we have 30 taps going.  last year we made close to 6 gallons of syrup! Using a awesome wood burning evaporater my husband created we boil the sap down in our yard and fill our pantry. It is a family production from washing the buckets, tapping tree, collecting saps and then boiling everyone helps. 

I have never made candy though. I heard how easy it is but somehow it always seemed intimidating and time consuming. Yesterday I took the leap after purchasing silicon maple molds off Amazon.

All you need is a small sauce pan, candy thermometer, wooden spoon, silicon molds and that’s it!

IMG_4916 IMG_4907 IMG_4854

Place 2 Cups fresh maple syrup in the pan

watching carefully so it does not boil over bring the syrup to 240-turn off heat and gentle move the pot to a cool burner- allow to cool without moving the pot or syrup to 175

using your wooden spoon stir raplidly until it turns light in color and begins to look creamy, took me about 2 minutes- pour quickly into your molds and allow to set for an hour before removing and storing in air tight container.

these hypothetically last for up to a month covered -:)