Parsnip Mash

Parsnip Mash
Parsnip mash is a staple  in our house, I use them with stews, under stir fry and with meats. I really enjoy parsnips and my stomach does too. Luckily the kids and husband have a great fondness for them as well.

I take 3-5 pounds of organic parsnips peeled
Cut into 2″ cubes and toss into a medium pot with water.
Bring to a boil and boil partially covered until soft
I drain and rinse the parsnips in a colander before returning them to the pot
Add 3 tablespoons coconut cream, salt, pepper to taste
I use my Emerson blender
To puree it all together!
Boom done and delish! It stays warm well in a roasting pan covered in the oven- it also reheats well!

*if you want it more creamy add more coconut cream and a little chicken stock