Strawberry Shortcake

We celebrated my daughter Ellie’s 6th Birthday this past week. We did a small gathering after school with a few of her little friends and our family. Ellie requested Strawberry Shortcake as her cake this year. My goal was to be able to create one that was Egg/Nut/Dairy free so her best friend could enjoy Ellie’s cake with us.

imageThis is the easiest and quickest Egg/Nut/Dairy free Strawberry Shortcake Buns recipe:
Preheat the oven to 400
Line two baking sheet with baking paper

In a bowl:

2 cups Einkorn Flour ( I am sure any flour will work)
21/2 teaspoons baking Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
Stir with a fork until well mixed

*wash your hands
Slowly add
11/4 cups whole fat Coconut Milk/cream I used canned Organic Coconut Milk
Combine well with your hands and form into rough balls on baking sheet. I baked 6 buns per sheet
I only ended up with 8 buns the first time and 10 the second batch …

**if your guests are not Dairy free heavy cream works wonderfully in place of Coconut Milk

Bake 25 minutes allow to cool and serve
-one bun was left over so I wrapped it and left it overnight on the counter. I was pleasantly surprised by its delicious moist taste the following morning. So I would say that they do store well overnight.
Whip heavy cream or Coconut milk for the center and quarter strawberries in a large bowl. I drizzled the strawberries with 1/4 cup homemade maple syrup to add some sweetness to our dessert.
Layer and enjoy!


Helpful tips;
I made whip coconut cream in the morning and refrigerated it until I needed it in the afternoon.
Strawberries I quartered and covered overnight to create more juices and I made the dough and buns a few hours before the party- I like to try and have kitchen cleaned up before people arrive which has been tougher with the babies needs.

I can honestly say this is the easiest dessert with the least amount of dishes ever!!