Summer camp fires and the urge to roast

Summer is the best! We have a fire pit and spend many nights out there with the kids. It’s funny how the urge to cook something or have a treat is deep rooted in them. Marshmallows and s’mores are almost required in their minds. Well this year we cut WAY back on their sugar consumption, which was never high to begin with. Although some treats are allowed while we are out and visiting people, at home we eat 100% sugar free and I try to stick to that 100%! So transitioning from campfire s’mores to none this summer was a bit tough. Until my husband mentioned roasting other things…. Duh genius. Ok maybe not genius but thank you for the idea:)! So we started roasting apples, great fun and tasty. Tonight I added bananas which are yummy lightly roasted with a small side of raw honey and cinnamon for dipping. Delicious, healthy and easy! Kids loved it and didn’t even miss the marshmallows and s’mores.
We are working on cutting back on sugar treats while out visiting friends because in the summer especially it seems like almost a weekly thing to attend a birthday, BBQ, pool party…and that accumulates quickly to a lot of sugar. We bake numerous times a week and make homemade ice cream so sweet treats are enjoyed frequently here at home. I am not in the mind set of no refined sugar at all ever but I would like to shoot for a monthly occurrence versus a weekly one. We shall see how this summer progresses.

This is what I made tonight:
Two apples thinly sliced
Two bananas sliced slightly thickly 1/2 inch or so
Small dipping dish with honey
Small dish with cinnamon

We made long “s’more ” sticks and roasted the fruit in our campfire.