Whole30 Compliant Tacos

We have a couple different dietary needs going on in our family of six and I am always shooting to create one meal that everyone can eat parts of if not all of- Taco Tuesdays is pretty much a staple in our house since Tuesday are a busy day with afternoon activities and Tacos are so easy to make and keep healthy.

My husband and eldest love Tacos/burritos and the three youngest are learning to get on board. I however can not go near beans, corn, wheat, sour cream or shredded cheese so that leaves me feeling a bit blah on Taco nights. I use to eat the ingredients I could tolerate on a bed of greens which is yummy but doesn’t have the same effect and was low in healthy carbs- Well not anymore!


I normally always have a roasted Sweet Potato or two in the fridge- I used one and stuffed it with Grassed Ground Beef, Homemade Cucumber, Tomato Salsa and topped it with some Homemade Gaucomole :) Best meal ever!

You can definitely get creative with what you like in your “Taco” but the sweet potato shell makes for a delicious and nutritious addition