some kind words from Clients past and present: 

I participated in Jules 3 wk cleanse in the fall and not really too loose weight, but to just have a clean out, a fresh start and to hopefully eat a little healthier 😜. It was a great program and Jules was there every step of the way with encouragement & tips especially working the night shift (when it’s midnight and all u want is a snickers bar) Not only did I notice I wasn’t getting my evening headaches at work but in 3 weeks I dropped 10lbs!! And here we are 3 months later and the weight has stayed off. I have incorporated a lot of the things I learned from Jules during those 3 weeks into mine and my children’s snacks and meals. #healthyfriendlylivingrocks!  -CB MA



Words of thanks:

I have always thought of myself as a healthy individual. I became a vegetarian at the age of 16, and dabbled with veganism for the next 16 years. Living in the Midwest circa 2000, vegetarian fare was not easy to come by. So, I taught myself to cook, and it was delicious!! Sometimes my parents would send me a gift card to a local coop and natural food store in my college town – I fell in love!! Exploring exotic new fruits, vegetables, nuts, unpasteurized cheeses; it continues to be one of my favorite ways to spend a day! I was always trying the latest and greatest health food craze or market trend.

But I began to gain weight. Somehow, I had managed to put on 42 pounds ten years into my vegetarian diet. I didn’t like how I looked. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t feel good about myself. I was completely inactive. Running for more than three consecutive minutes seemed a guaranteed death sentence. This isn’t how I wanted to live.

I adjusted my diet and exercise over the next five years and lost 22 pounds. I was happy, but still didn’t feel completely healthy. Running, skiing, and hiking became easier; but I still got winded, exhausted, and horrible red splotches that persisted for hours afterwards on my cheeks. My menstrual cramps were so intense that I had to stay in bed at least once month, sometimes missing work as a consequence of my reproductive prowess. I sampled different forms of hormonal birth controls to quell theses symptoms and suffered painful and inconvenient side effects. With each draw my blood work came back normal and my doctors couldn’t determine the cause my incessant symptoms. I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and sciatic hip disfunction at 32. The examining specialist asked me how frequently I was in pain? I pondered thoughtfully and responded, “Oh, it’s not that bad. Maybe a couple of times a month?…I suppose every couple of weeks? Sometimes once or more a week”. It dawned on me – I had been in daily pain for years simply accepted that as my new normal.

When I sought Julianna’s counsel I still felt that my diet was superior and that I had a healthy lifestyle. What could I possibly stand to improve!? I decided to try something new, something different; because I wanted a different result. I was doing well, but could I do better?

Immediately, Julianna graciously and joyfully extends her focused attention, authentic dedication, genuine support, and thorough expertise, to her clients in an embracing and nonjudgmental environment; while she joyfully shares her extensive knowledge with any of those privileged enough to work with her.

Her weekly video chats are professional, organized, well prepared and well thought out. They are demonstrative of the individualized care that she provides to each and every client, and her invested commitment to their success in their individual health goals. As a mother to four beautiful, healthy daughters, it’s no surprise that she is an exemplary caregiver!

Her meal plans were simple, tasty, delicious, and offered efficiency in meal planning, variety, and cost! Pretty remarkable!!

I began detoxing immediately, and looked ill for the first few days – a testament to the toxins in my body, and the necessary of this journey! Within a week the bags under my eyes subsided. My signature red hue receded. I had immense amounts of energy! I was excited for life! I wanted to embrace all things healthful; my home prepared organic meals, walking my dog, yoga, being present at work, even cleaning my house!! I was feeling so good inside that I wanted my environment to match!! As the diet continued I flourished. My sleep improved and became more restful. My anxiety during the workday decreased. My mental clarity improved. I generally felt like the best version of myself, and felt inspired to achieve! In less than one month I had no menstrual symptoms, whatsoever, I was in gracious disbelief. Within two weeks my skin began to glow and my coworkers complimented me. Within six weeks I had dropped 20 pounds and had the happy chore of buying slimmer clothes! It was okay though, because my high school clothes fit again!!! Thank you, Julianna!! Keep spreading your gift with the world! – Julie CO